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distracted driving behaviors blog photo

Distracted Driving: Texting Isn’t the Only Problem

Driver-related errors are responsible for the vast majority of car accidents in the U.S. Before you quickly deny that you…

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rear end collision blog photo

Rear-End Collisions: Who’s at Fault?

Most people assume that the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is always automatically 100-percent at fault. In Louisiana, however, state…

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3 MORE Auto Accident Myths You Thought Were True

A car accident can be a jolt in more ways than one. If you cannot avoid a collision, then at…

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Roadway Accidents: Understanding the Government’s Liability

Every driver is responsible for being safe on the road. However, what happens when the road is not safe for…

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Five Most Common Injuries from Auto Accidents

A car accident can be serious. Depending on the details of the crash, various injuries may result. To receive adequate…

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How to Handle a Hit and Run Auto Accident

 No one enjoys being in an auto accident, but a hit and run can be especially stressful. After all, when the…

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Preventing Automotive Accidents – 6 Common Causes of Collisions

Numerous actions and situations can substantially increase the risk of traffic accidents, some of which include texting, eating, snowy weather,…

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The Role of a Car Accident Witness: Important Steps to Take

Chances are that most people will witness a car accident at some point in their lives. This can be a…

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4 Things That Establish Your Claim After An Auto Accident

Car accidents can be incredibly anxious situations for everyone involved. However, it’s important to keep your cool and follow the…

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