While every personal injury case is unique, prevention is always preferable to litigation. Safer, more conscientious communities is the name of the game — and the team at Morrow, Morrow, Ryan, Bassett & Haik is here to help. In this blog, we’ll debunk common myths, share uncommon insights and generally offer information designed to protect your rights.

Consider this a primer for pending legal questions. While not a replacement for an official consultation, we will touch on topics sure to interest you. Want a topic covered? Contact us!

2020 Super Lawyers

This year, six of the firm’s attorneys have been named to the Super Lawyer list and two are recognized to…

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class action lawsuits 101 blog image

Class Action Lawsuits 101: Understanding the Basics

At some point in your life, you might have to decide whether you should opt in to a class action…

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legal help for veterans blog photo

Legal Help for Veterans: When To Find a Lawyer

As a veteran who proudly served, you probably never thought you’d need a lawyer to get the benefits due to…

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statute of limitations and car accidents blog photo

Car Accidents and the Statute of Limitations in Louisiana

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 36,750 people died in crashes during 2018. Meanwhile, Louisiana consistently ranks as…

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oil and gas accident blog photo

The Most Common Accidents in Oil and Gas

While the oil and gas industry offers profitable employment, it also delivers a workplace that is downright dangerous. Oilfield accidents…

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motorcycle laws in louisiana blog photo

Louisiana Road Safety: Important Motorcycle Laws

As the number of bike enthusiasts continues to grow and more cyclists drive more miles, the likelihood of being involved…

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what is pain and suffering blog image

What Exactly Is Pain and Suffering?

You’ve probably heard it before. It’s a term attached to every personal injury lawsuit, and it’s one of the most…

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internet fads and product liability laws blog

Product Liability Laws: Internet Challenges and the Dangers Lurking Behind Them

Internet challenges seem like harmless, good-natured fun, but they’re no less hazardous than any other idle activities that young people…

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preparing students for college safety blog

Empty Nesting: Preparing Your Child for College

If you have a child who is preparing to attend college this fall, it’s important to talk about potential safety…

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